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Lewis A. Coser, Bernard Rosenberg

SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY: A Book of Readings A Book of Readings

Lewis A. Coser, Bernard Rosenberg


ISBN 9788131609200
Publication Year 2018
Pages 622 pages
Binding Paperback
Sale Territory India Only

About the Book

A selective and suggestive introduction to those theoretical ideas that inform the work of contemporary sociology! Sociological Theory: A Book of Readings, Fifth Edition helps readers become acquainted with the major classical theories that have emerged since Auguste Comte coined the term sociology and shows how certain concepts and theories first suggested by an earlier generation have been developed further at a later date. In addition, this compendium offers selections that present special propositions, specific concepts, or examples of substantive theorizing rather than discussions of integrated systems.


Definition of the Field
Part I : General Concepts
Social Control
Power and Authority
Cohesion and Conflict
Part II : Self-Other Concepts
Definition of the Situation
Role-Taking and Reference Group
Part III : Structural Concepts
Alienation and Anomie
Social Disorganization and Deviance
Structure and Structural Ambivalence
Social Evolution and Social Revolution

About the Author / Editor

Lewis A. Coser (1913–2003) began his career teaching at the University of Chicago followed by the University of California. Upon leaving California he went to teach for fifteen years at Brandeis University, where he founded the sociology department, before finally settling in at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. He was the first sociologist to bring together the ideas of conflict theory and structural functionalism. He is a past American Sociologist Association president and author of many works, including Conflict and Consensus, Masters of Sociological Thought, and The Functions of Social Conflict.
Bernard Rosenberg was a distinguished professor emeritus of sociology at City College and the City University Graduate Center and a contributing editor of the intellectual journal Dissent from its inception. The author, co-author or editor of more than 20 books on subjects from Thorstein Veblen to juvenile delinquency to Broadway musicals, Professor Rosenberg also wrote scores of articles and essays about American politics, American Jewry and mass culture.

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