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Jagan Karade (Ed.)


Jagan Karade (Ed.)


ISBN 9788131607060
Publication Year 2015
Pages 246 pages
Binding Hardback
Sale Territory World (Except USA and Canada)

About the Book

Caste-based exclusion is a complex phenomenon encapsulating multi-dimensional, multifaceted and cascading ramifications for those on whom it is meted out. Caste in India has not only framed the social and economic structure of Indian society and its people, but also has been one of the most callous means of exclusion in India. Since times immemorial, those placed at the bottom of caste hierarchy have suffered the worst. They are excluded among the excluded. The process of discrimination needs a holistic understanding to appreciate the graffiti and the gravity of marginalization and deprivation in everyday lives and relations. The contemporary discourses on caste-based exclusion have so far focussed on understanding the problem from ‘the outside and above’ perspective. This volume provides views on perspectives from ‘the inside and below’ and attempts to span full circle of prevalence, magnitude and structure of isolation experienced by Dalits in our society and also suggests approaches for amendments. Eleven chapters contributed by senior scholars from different spheres of humanities are representative of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Haryana and Maharashtra. The multidimensional nature of this book is expected to help the readers to understand the wider spectrum of exclusion in a detailed manner. The volume will be a helpful resource material for the students and researchers of sociology, minority studies and development studies.


1 Economics of Dalits and Academic Discrimination / Praveen K. Jadhav

2 Understanding Dalit Movements: Trajectories and Concerns / Ramesh Kamble
3 Atrocities on Scheduled Castes in Maharashtra: Some Observations / Shankar Gaikwad
4 Caste-Based Exclusion and Inclusion of Dalits in Eastern Uttar Pradesh: A Sociological Interpolation / Bibhuti Bhushan Malik
5 Problems of Agricultural Marketing of Weaker Section in Maharashtra / Vilas Adhav
6 Evaluation of Some of the Important Government Schemes for Scheduled Tribes: A Special Reference to Education and Economic Empowerment in Maharashtra / Meherjyoti      Sangle
7 Atrocities on Dalit in Marathwada / B.S. Waghmare
8 Beholder and Public Domain: The Other Side of Spectatorship / Y.S. Alone
9 The Exclusion in the Context of Inter-caste Marriages / Jagan Karade
10 Marginalization Through Citizenship: A Glimpse of the Exclusion of Scheduled Castes in Manipur / Vishal Jadhav
11 Atrocities Against Dalits in Haryana: A Sociological Study / Desraj Sabharwal

About the Author / Editor

Jagan Karade is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. He is an ICSSR Fellow. His published works include Reservation Policy and Reality, Nationalistic Dr Ambedkar and Occupational Mobility among Scheduled Castes. Besides this, he has also edited five books and published several articles in reputed journals and edited volumes. Dr Karade is Member of Management Council, Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi and former President of Maharashtra Sociological Society.