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Madhu Nagla


Madhu Nagla


ISBN 9788131609347
Publication Year 2018
Pages 532 pages
Binding Paperback
Sale Territory World (Except USA and Canada)

About the Book

The book not only addresses postgraduate students but all those who intend to research in the area of sociology of health and medicine.  The content and organization of this book are designed to set it apart from other textbooks in medical sociology while retaining its anchor in the mainstream of general sociology.  A basic premise underlies this book, namely that the institutions of medicine are a public resource and not the private property of those who practice it.  Among the central themes discussed are: approaches and concepts in health care, systems of medicine, physician-patient relationships, health delivery system, health inequality, health policy, health ethics and rights, reproductive rights, environment and health, health technology and health insurance.  
Each section deals with a basic dimension of health and society, emphasizing the dilemmas and contradictions in attempting to view medicine as public resource.  
The values, rights and ethical choices faced by the users vis-à-vis the structure of medicine is emphasized throughout.  In addition, there’s reference to current trends and studies in sociology of health and medicine, retaining the threads of development in the field over the past 40 years. Each chapter is followed by comprehensive readings dealing with the subject. Pedagogical aim of this book is to offer content and a format that will serve as a framework for expanding the topic further.
This volume fills a long-felt gap by reviewing some of the most important and consequential issues in sociology of health. It will be of interest to sociologists, anthropologists, historians, social workers, as well as to legal scholars, health practitioners and policy makers.


SECTION I: Theories and Methods in Sociology of Health and Medicine
1 Sociology of Health and Medicine
2 Health and its Dimensions
3 Scope of Sociology of Health and Medicine
4 Approaches in Health and Medicine
5 Methodologies in Health and Medicine
SECTION II: Concept and Management in Health Care
6 Social and Preventive Medicine
7 Public Health: Concepts and Vital Statistics
8 Community Health and Medicine
9 Social Epidemiology: Cause of Diseases and their Changing Patterns
10 Determinants and Promotion of Health
11 Risk Management, Perception and Communication in Health Care
SECTION III: Systems of Medicine, Hospital and Social Relationship
12 Systems of Medicine and Medical Pluralism in India
13 Hospital as a Social System
14 Physician-Patient Relationship
15 Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care in India
SECTION IV: Health Delivery Systems in India
16 Delivery of Public Health Care in India
17 Rural Health Care in India
18 Urban Health Care in India
19 Privatization of Health Care in India
20 NGOs and Social Work in Health Care
SECTION V: Health Policy, Planning and Development
21 History of Health Care in India
22 Health Policy in India: Retrospect and Prospect
23 Health Inequalities in Social Groups
24 Globalization and Health Care
25 Indian Constitution and Health Rights
26 Ethics in Health Care
SECTION VI: Emerging Issues in Health Care
27 Reproductive Health Care
28 Environment and Health
29 Food, Nutrition and Health
30 Technology in Medicine and Health Care
31 Health Insurance
32 Medical and Health Tourism in India

About the Author / Editor

Madhu Nagla is Professor and Head, Department of Sociology, M.D. University, Rohtak.  Currently, she is also the President of Research Committee–13 ‘Sociology of Leisure’ of the International Sociological Association (2016–18).  She has published several articles in reputed journals at national and international level on sociology of health.  Her earlier published works include Sociology of Health, Gender and Health and Sociology of Medical Profession.

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