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GENDER AND MANAGEMENT: International Perspectives

Sita Vanka (Ed.)

GENDER AND MANAGEMENT: International Perspectives GENDER AND MANAGEMENT International Perspectives

Sita Vanka (Ed.)


ISBN 9788131608869
Publication Year 2017
Pages 264 pages
Binding Hardback
Sale Territory World (Except USA and Canada)

About the Book

Gender could be understood as a construct, which enables men and women to conduct themselves in a characteristic style and helps them understand their respective roles in family and society. The business world and management is no exception to this fact. Researchers have constantly studied the effect of gender on management and business but the dynamic changes in the business environment leaves a gap leading to a paucity of perspectives on the role of gender in management. Taking clue from research, an attempt has been made here to discuss, deliberate and present multiple perspectives in a volume showcasing the best practices, success stories, research papers from across the world. The contributors of this volume have covered a wide variety of subjects encompassing important issues on Gender and Management, which broadly include educational management, enterprise management, healthcare, employment, and labour issues in the manufacturing and service sectors. This book is primarily a compendium of articles on issues relating to gender and management, which will benefit professionals, scholars and researchers. The volume provides an excellent opportunity for all those interested to update their knowledge on the concept, processes, issues, emerging paradigms on Gender and Management from a multidimensional perspective. Contributors Harriet Nannyonga Susan Namulindwa Lydia Muyingo Jayasree Paul June Corman Ann Duffy Norene Pupo Manju Singh Agrima Singh Namrata Singha Roy Ishita Mukhopadhyay Seema Singh Claret P.E. Mendonca A.H. Sequeira Mitoo Das Arpita Kumari Mishra Sita Vanka Ramneet Kaur Neelu Rawat Ramona Ridolfi Meredith Jackson-de Graffenried Marie Sophie Sandberg Pettersson Faria Shabnam Paula Kantor Afrina Choudhury Annpurna Nautiyal R.K. Maikhuri Bulan Pal Anindita Paul Soma Nandi Sri Mrinmoy Roy Elena Ramírez-Rico Emilia Fernández García Tripti Kumari Alicia Girón Anita Jagota Navya Jannu Suchitra Boro


1. Empowerment of Women at Grassroots as a Local Development Reorientation Impetus: The Case of Maama Watali in Uganda / Harriet Nannyonga, Susan Namulindwa and Lydia Muyingo

2. Grassroot Democracy to Women Empowerment: The Role of Village Assemblies in Kerala / Jayasree Paul

3. Examining Manufacturing Jobs for Canadian Women in the Era of Global Capitalism / June Corman, Ann Duffy and Norene Pupo

4. Public Employment Programmes in India and Inclusion: An Analysis / Manju Singh and Agrima Singh

5. Gender Wage Gap and Role of Fertility: A Cross-Country Analysis / Namrata Singha Roy and Ishita Mukhopadhyay

6. Women in Engineering Labour Market in India: An Analysis / Seema Singh

7. Women Entrepreneurs’ Access to Finance in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Conceptual Framework / Claret P.E. Mendonca and A. H. Sequeira

8. Another World: Gendered Work and Existence / Mitoo Das

9. Impact of Capacity Building Programmes on Women Entrepreneurs: A Study in Odisha / Arpita Kumari Mishra and Sita Vanka

10. Gendered Division of Domestic and Child Work in Dual Earner’s Marriage: A Question of Women Agency and Choice / Ramneet Kaur

11. Role of Tribal Women in Family Economy: A Case Study of Three Tribal Dominated Villages of Central Madhya Pradesh / Neelu Rawat

12. The Need for Gender Transformative Approaches in Nutrition and Livelihoods Interventions: The Bangladesh Experience / Ramona Ridolfi, Meredith Jackson-de Graffenried, Marie Sophie Sandberg Pettersson, Faria Shabnam, Paula Kantor and Afrina Choudhury

13. Impact of Natural Disaster on the Coping Strategies of the Women: Kedar Valley in Rudraprayag District of the Central Himalayas, Uttarakhand / Annpurna Nautiyal and R.K. Maikhuri

14. Overcoming Glass Ceiling: Case Studies of Women in Corporate India / Bulan Pal

15. The Changing Role of Indian Women in the Information Age / Anindita Paul

16. Emotional Intelligence and Values: A Study across Gender in India  / Soma Nandi and Sri Mrinmoy Roy

17. Gender and Physical Activity in Spanish Students: A Social-Cognitive Approach / Elena Ramírez-Rico and Emilia Fernández-García

18. Role of Self-Help Groups in Enhancing the Capabilities of Women: A Case Study of Varanasi District / Tripti Kumari

19. Women Entrepreneurs and Empowerment: Is Micro-finance the Path for Women’s Empowerment in a Changing World?  / Alicia Girón

20. Differential Effects of Social Factors Influencing Aging and Sleep Disorders in Women / Anita Jagota, Navya Jannu and Suchitra Boro

About the Author / Editor

Sita Vanka is currently a Senior Professor at the School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India. She is also a Joint Professor of Women’s Studies at the same university. She has over three decades of experience in the areas of management studies, educational management, human resource management, entrepreneurship and women studies. She is a teacher, trainer, consultant and a researcher in management.

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