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DEMOGRAPHY: The Science of Population

Jay Weinstein and Vijayan K. Pillai

DEMOGRAPHY: The Science of Population DEMOGRAPHY The Science of Population

Jay Weinstein and Vijayan K. Pillai


ISBN 9788131608241
Publication Year 2017
Pages 448 pages
Binding Hardback
Sale Territory South Asia

About the Book

This comprehensive, introductory text takes an applied, interdisciplinary approach. Because one author is a sociologist and the other a demographer, the material introduces perspectives from many different disciplines. The most applied book on the market, this text teaches students how to use the multitude of demographic resources available to them as consumers of data. Using case studies throughout to illustrate key concepts in a realistic and concrete manner, the authors also draw examples from recent U.S. Census data, United Nations and World Bank reports, tables from the National Center for Health Statistics, and other U.S. state- and county-level sources. New to the Second Edition • This second edition is divided into four main parts, and the chapters have been reorganized to reflect changes in the discipline. • All tables, related narrative, and graphics have been updated to include data from the 2000 and 2010 census counts, more recent estimates for the United States – especially the American Community Survey and comparable new data from international sources. • A full-color enhanced eText is also available. • This edition is accompanied by a teaching and learning package, including instructors manual, test bank, lecture slides, and a companion website that offers students additional resources, flashcards, and self-study quizzes.


• The Nature of Populations

• Demographic Variables: Sizes, Structure, and Vital Events
• How Populations Are Structured
• Geographic Distribution: Population and Territory
• Birth and Fertility: Measures, Theories, and Trends
• Mortality: Causes and Consequences
• Migration: Geographic and Social Psychological Components
• Population Dynamics in Historical Comparative Perspective
• The Life Table: An Introduction
• Population Estimates, Projections, and Forecasts
• Population Policy: Controlling Demographic Processes
• Population and Environment
• Accessing and Using Information about Population Science
• Demography as an Applied Science

About the Author / Editor

Jay Weinstein is professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern Michigan University. A past president of the Society of Applied Sociology, Weinstein is also the author of several books, including Social Change, Third Edition and Applying Social Statistics: An Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning in Sociology. Vijayan K. Pillai is professor of social work at the University of Texas, Arlington. He is the coauthor of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis.