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ELDERLY WIDOWS: Socio-Economic and Demographic Study in Jharkhand

Sangeeta Gupta

ELDERLY WIDOWS: Socio-Economic and Demographic Study in Jharkhand

Sangeeta Gupta


ISBN 9788131608708
Publication Year 2018
Pages 220 pages
Binding Hardback
Sale Territory World (Except USA and Canada)

About the Book

Widows are the most neglected and vulnerable segment among the elderly population in India. They face deprivation in society on many counts – being women, poor, and widowed. Elderly widows face deprivation within their own families and within the village community. They are vulnerable to many difficulties including economic hardships, lack of physical help, neglect, abuse and social stigma.
Based on a sample survey of 300 elderly widows from Jharkhand state, this study comprehensively examines the socio-cultural, economic, health and psychological dimensions of widowhood for the elderly in a rural setting. 
This insightful study, for the first time, addresses the complex scenario of vulnerability and deprivation among elderly widows and raises important concerns for the attention of policy makers and those involved in the welfare of the aged and widows in India. 


1 Introduction and Review of Literature
2 Objectives, Data Sources and Methodology
3 Status of Elderly Widows in India: Secondary Data Analysis
4 Profiles of Surveyed Households and Elderly Widows
5 Living Arrangements and Economic Status of Elderly Widows
6 Health Status and Treatment Seeking Behaviour of Elderly Widows
7 Vulnerability, Coping Mechanism and Support for Elderly Widows
8 Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix A: Case Studies of Elderly Widows
Appendix B: Key Informant Interviews

About the Author / Editor

Sangeeta Gupta is a Senior Project Manager of the Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI) at the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai. She has done extensive research and analysis in the areas of ageing, health, gender and demography. She has also published research articles in various national and international journals and in edited books. Dr Sangeeta participated in the Social Gerontology Programme at the International Institute on Ageing (United Nations), Malta. She has presented research papers in various conferences held in India and abroad. She obtained her PhD in Population Studies from IIPS, Mumbai.

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